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The Science
Science has in the last seven years taken a giant leap. We’re now ready to conclude more than 2,500 years of research and at the same time open up a new almost unbelievable chapter in the history of unemployment.

Science making unemployment history

The global economic crisis has made many people unemployed. And in doing so it has revealed a continuing economic fact: The working part of us, must feed the unemployed. This is of course unhealthy for any nation or sound government as it leads to rising taxes and thus making everyone poorer.

The Human Bank Foundation and Min A-kasse offer the ultimate solution for both society and the unemployed. A newly breakthrough in cryogenics using enzymes found in freeze resistant animals will make it possible to actually freeze living humans, containing them in a state of hibernation, and awake them again, without any damage. In the process the heart will stop beating, and the transfer of molecules between cells will be put on hold, stopping the aging process completely and preserving the human in a perfect state.

Inspired by among other animals squirrels

But is it actually possible? Science has in the last 7 years taken a giant leap thanks to an international collaboration between biologists, cryo-biologists, doctors and physicists facilitated by the Human Bank Foundation. We’re ready to finalize more than 2,500 years of research and at the same time open up a new fascinating and almost unbelievable chapter in the history of unemployment.

Since medical arts father, Hippocrates, found out cooling can relieve bleeding and swelling, man has studied the cooling of important bodily functions. Freezing can be lethal, but also give eternal life. It has been possible for a long time to successfully freeze human sperm and eggs and even embryos – now science is ready to take the next dramatic step.

The current breakthrough comes after years of intense research in both the North American Wood Frog and the Siberian Squirrel – animals that both are able to freeze down for the winter period and safely defreeze then spring arrives. Scientists have now successfully isolated these animal’s anti-freeze proteins and get an inside to the freeze-defreeze biology and made it possible to transfer the proteins and the process to other living organisms.

How do we succeed?

The procedure is as follows: First you will be slowly stunned and your heart rate will gently be lowered. At the same time the body is slowly cooled down to 10 degrees Celsius. Then all fluids are drained from your body and replaced by body fluids containing the revolutionary anti-freeze protein derived from a hormone from animals able to freeze. Your blood is collected and sorted. The red blood cells are frozen to  - 197 degrees Celsius while the white and blood plasma are cooled more gradually.

Then, the final cooling is carried out. It is very important that the brain does not fall below 0.5 degree Celsius, since memory, personality and ability then will be lost. The rest of the body is then cooled to -50 degrees Celsius and sleep situation occurs.

The whole procedure takes just 4 hours. You will be stored at our cryo-storage and be constantly surveyed by sophisticated computerized systems. Immediate test results prescribes a maximum of 10 years after which one can awaken and go through a recovery program in a week, and be ready for a new active life.

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