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The Human Bank Foundation
Ramsingsvej 28
DK-2500 Valby
42 29 20 15

Min A-kasse
Kommunikationschef Simon Bauer på 31 65 96 69




We work towards one mission: putting an end to unemployment globally by 2015. We believe that every human being has a right to take part in the production and a right to contribute to our common welfare.

Our mission

Unemployment has troubled Mankind since the early days of industrialization. Through decades millions of families have suffered the cruel consequences of unemployment: Poverty, loss of status and self-esteem.

The Human Bank Foundation works towards one mission: In co-operation with the Danish unemployment fund Min A-kasse, we seek to put an end to unemployment globally by 2015. You can help support our mission by signing up today.

A technological, innovative success story

We believe that every human being has a right to take part in the production and a right to contribute toour common welfare. Nobody wants to be a parasite living of others and now nobody needs to - thanks to the Human Bank Foundations global freezing plan.

Our solution is safe, simple and rational: We gently freeze the unemployed till their specific skills once againare needed. The unemployed will be kept safe at our modern facility waiting for the right career moment to occur. The unemployed will then calmly be de-frozen – ready to take up the perfect job just right for them.

Good for economy, environment and personal well being

Our plan offers great benefits for economy, society and for the environment. But most importantly: Our plan gives you – the unemployed - an opportunity to contribute. We believe in your future and that everyone should be entitled to success in life as well as on the job market.

Make your country proud – join the future today – join the Human Bank Foundations program to eradicate unemployment by 2015. Let’s make unemployment history, together!

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